I do not over crop or composite my photos. All the photos are of  highest quality and available in high resolution. Please contact me for commercial and editorial uses. I will be happy to let you know my price. And believe me if you are interested in a photo which I am not interested much I will give away free of cost ( but with a credit note to me of course)

May 30

Kolar, KA

May 26

Dharmasthala, KA

May 25

Ganesha idols getting ready in Bangalore

May 24

Kumta beach, Kumta , KA

May 23

leaves in black and white

May 22

Mullayyanagiri, KA

May 21

Harohalli Lake, Kanakpur, KA

May 20

Ramnagar, KA

May 19

Kumta beach, KA

May 18

Hegde fair, Kumta, KA

May 17

Magadi, KA

May 16

Muttatti, River Kaveri, KA

May 15

Chukambha peak, Uttarakhand

May 14

May 13


Mullayyanagiri, KA

May 12

Om beach, Gokarna, KA

May 11

Kumta, KA

May 10

Revanasiddeshwara betta, Ramnagar, KA

May 9

SHrirangapattana, KA

May 8

Arkeshwara temple , Yedatore, KA

May 7

Belur, KA

May 6

Mullayyanagiri, KA

May 5

Mullayyanagiri, KA

May 4

Water body near Muttatti, KA

May 3

river Cauveri, Muttatti, KA

May 2

Malur, Kolar , KA

May 1

Uttarakhand, India

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