I do not over crop or composite my photos. All the photos are of  highest quality and available in high resolution. Please contact me for commercial and editorial uses. I will be happy to let you know my price. And believe me if you are interested in a photo which I am not interested much I will give away free of cost ( but with a credit note to me of course)


that was a big wave , but before I lift my camera the exposure was just complete luckily!!! shot in Kumta beach, Uttarakannada, KA


shot near Muttatti, Kanakpur, India . river Kaveri, never looked so gorgeous


A different photo shot in Haridwar, River Ganga looked so beautiful during sunrise!


a boy posed for me during my Himalyana trip more on my trips you can read here https://dineshhegde.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/travel-dairies-kedarnath-the-holiest/ shot with 1000d, 50mm prime


sometimes you never know what nature shows us and we will never be able to understand its symbols!


A giant wheel seen in Kumta habba , happening right now in Kumta, Uttara Kannada


A view from Chandrashila, which I feel fortunate to capture and witness the grand beauty of Himalayas! this view is making me plan one Himalayan trip per year


My nephew gave me a perfect pose when asked ! the light was really good so I clicked few frames and this is one of them!


A small rain did a very good job for me! all the loose flowers are on the floor, I just felt it is very romantic !


Chaukhamba is a mountain massif in the Gangotri Group of the Garhwal Himalaya. Its main summit, Chaukhamba I, is the highest peak in the group.


A walk in the villages will give you so much of fun and views that are amazing. I captured these two girls in Ramnagar of KA, India and waited till they come in right position


Annamma Devi Utsava ( fair ) is a big happening around Bangalore in these days. You should not miss this if you are a Bangalorean!


The left is a free water from always flowing from mountains and the right is direct from Factories! which one you drink?


Click it to get a desktop version!

Jan 9

Spent time around 1 hr with this flower and shot many photos of the bee-flower interaction. This one is among selected

Jan 8

Actually it gets very crowded in Lalbagh, Bangalore . I saw this man meditating but had to wait for a while to take the shot I need!

Jan 7

A usualy hectic day coming to an end near Bidadi, KA, India, I just cannot take my eyes from rural happenings !

Jan 6

ANother reflection shot at Devaria taal, Uttarakhand. Those himalayan peaks were glowing after sun kissed them with his rays!

Jan 5

Kumta beach has been always favorite beach for me from my childhood. This one shot with my new 60d.30 sec,f16,ISO100,tripod mounted,ND filter used . Location : Kumta, Uttarakannada, KA, India

Jan 4

Shot this while the two waiting to cross the road. The red volvo buses added a new color to the Mysore, KA, India city life

Jan 3

Heading to Chikkamagalur, this fair on the way in Nittur came as surprise me. I was the happiest person to park my car and take some photos . This guy was helping old man by carrying his big mask during this fair.

Jan 2

Back light is the most enjoyed technique in photographic journey. I saw her washing her legs and playing with water I used my 55-250 to zoom and captured with different settings. Click on the photo to see more photos and some shared techniques

Jan 1

Happy new year 2012 to all of you friends, may happiness everywhere multiply, peace!

Dec 30

A classical shot. I always wanted to do this as it was bit challenging to get full story in the frame. In Chamarajnagar, KA, I tried my luck and think I was successful !

Dec 29

My intension was to capture this small stream more beautifully, I liked my previous photos but I tried total 5 angles and this angle looked very beautiful. I still feel I enjoy capturing small streams than large loads of water pouring in !

Dec 28

Resting boats, I captured this in Kundapur , KA, India. It was about to rain and the whole atmosphere was very calm. I took couple of shots and some saftey shots, out of all this one looked a perfect candidate for black and white


Dec 27

Colored stones, lovely colored stones found in my home town Kumta, KA, India

3 thoughts on “January

  1. Hey Dinesh,
    All photos are looking great.
    Suggest me what SLR cam i can prefer, i am confused here
    with NIKON d5100 Vs Canon T31 Rebel.
    Can you suggest me, which should be good

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