Early monsoon clouds hitting Bangalore

Last month whenever I watched monsoon clouds from office windows in Bangalore  I became more desperate to capture them with  my camera . The coming weekend I would head out with camera to see the gray clouds all over again. Once I even went to a lake which is 80 kilometers from  home  and saw just gray clouds  without any detail in them. For once  I thought I lost the opportunity to capture some of cloud art  for this year.

Bingo  , on one Saturday it was chaos in the sky.   White clouds slowly moving in groups created a drama in sky. This time I thought I should simply go out to an open area and headed to one of my favorite lakes in Bangalore Bhyramangala lake . I was FREAKING lucky you know !! The water was still and created a nice stage to reflect the blue sky and floating clouds. All I missed is some fishing action. But this was enough for me .

highlights of 4 hrs of drama I captured are here!

Gears used are   Canon EOS 60d DSLR , Sigma 17-70mm, Hoya CPL and my tripod.


Tell me what you think!

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