Wandering in Lalbagh

Wandering in Lalbagh is one of my favorite things to do .And I ask why not ! As I wander here I see the usual sights such as  kids playing, family having fun time, tourists wandering ,  couples romancing, old people walking ,youngsters running ,  photographers hunting  and many more.  But recently it struck to me that these are very important elements of Lalbagh and it also struck to me that these are just reflections of memories or future of my life!

When I visited Lalbagh I came here as a tourist! I still remember  those moments of anticipation just before reaching Lalbagh. This used to be that great  garden I heard  about from  school textbooks  in my  village. Second time visit was just pure fun. We played  a tennis ball cricket here also  . I do not remember the third time and so on but I do remember I used to wander for hours when I was studying in college in this big city. Lalbagh was at three kilometers walk from the pace I used to live. After I started living in Bangalore I continued visiting lalbagh for different reasons most of the time being the annual flower shows. I remember  walking with my soon-to-be wife though I did not romanced as the younger generation doing now 🙂  . Today Lalbagh is the first place I visit if  I find my hands are too itching for photography .  I am not saying always the walks here are pleasant and full of joy. There are few moments which I hated to even think about them.  But these moments were just part of my life.  The sights I see now while wandering in Lalbagh are either the enjoyed moments or missed moments!

sitting under trees are sheer joy in Lalbagh


Monkeys also play a role in Lalbagh. Especially when you are walking on the lake side walk !


This is the walkway on the side of the lake


Look at him! how peacefully here is AND he is sleeping in the exactly right places of the geometry!
Another sleeping beauty
Some sit and relax and some play with their kids !


Some even relax in torching sunlight!
always you can see some hurrying people
Favorite place for senior people to exchange joy
Is there anyone who don’t like romancing in woods ?!

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