Muthathi: Here the river makes art

A clean reflection at Muthathi

Muthathi  a small village now a great tourist attraction mainly from the nearest big city Bangalore which is just 90 KMs . Many come to this place with family and friends to take a break from hectic city life during the weekends.

For  nature photographers this is an incredible place to hangout. For me it is a great relaxing place. I have a private space in the river between the rocks to cool my body.

How to reach :  After Kanakpur take a left at Sathnur . There are sign boards which lead you to Muthathi. Recognizing this place is quite easy as suddenly a rush of people, traffic appears from nowhere at this place.

Photography tips: Both sunset and sunrise lovers can enjoy this place . Reflections , cloudy sky are the best features you can get here . Take your own food if you want to spend a  day here . Reaching Muththi at very early morning,enjoy the full sunrise , trek along the shores of the river, take a nice swim and cool of your body in the after noon and a blissful sunset watch will be the ideal break for me often. And the photos ? here are they  🙂

Equipments used : Canon EOS 60d, Sigma 17-70mm, Canon ef-s 55-250 lens ( lent by my friend Nagesh)  tripod, GND filters

a vibrant sunrise 2 sec, f20, ISO100
A mysterious face formed by a reflection 1/20 sec, ISO100, f14, 187mm
A riot in colors 15 sec, f20, iso100, 17mm
no colors but reflection of this tree means something !
if you have some clouds playing in the sky then you are lucky


one rock is enough to make art! 25 sec, f8, ISO100, 23mm
Long exposure here means saturated colors 25sec, f8, ISO100


Always long exposure is common. Trying different shutter speeds sometime reveal interesting details
at the death of a sunset! 13 sec, f13, ISO100

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