When fog, clouds,coracles and light played with each other!

I noticed it was not usual morning   when I went to this place second time with a good friend of mine. A thick dense fog  from nowhere was moving slowly and the shore on the other side totally disappeared. The morning thin light was incredibly peaceful and signaled a glorious sunrise.  I was just guessing how sunrise will be and what to photograph then three to four coracles started coming from nowhere and formed a great subject for my framing. I learnt from a morning jogger that they are local fishermen and the authorities allowed fishing in the lake.

As the light started  brightening then the sight I have seen were turned out to be my once in a life time experience. Believe me there was a tough competition between the coracles, fog, cloud and sunlight to make whole scene better. Sometimes I totally forgot clicking my camera such was the drama around there.  I need not explain them in words ( may be hard to explain) but go through each of the photos here. They might looks similar but they are totally different and make a very lovely series.

Equipment used: Canon EOS 60d , Sigma 17-70mm lens, tripod, couple of GND filters.

Exact Location: Kanva reservoir, 13 Kms from Ramnagar, KA,India

Processing technique used:  A simple WB of 5000 and tint of +5 on lightroom and  a basic curve corrections. Only few photos I had to correct color a little bit after my GND casted a small magenta color.

Please notice that how the nature changes color which is actually unnoticed by human eyes. All of the photos are having same white balance and tint and shot  in a time span of  20 minutes (that is the fist one is shot around 6:35 am and the last one is 6:55 am ) it is amazing to see how  colors  keep changing during this amazing drama.

It all started with one coracle
then the clouds came over and a stage has been set
When the light start slowly coming out the sky was full of fireworks!
The birds headed for their daily work
Sun finally showed up changing suddenly the whole atmosphere color
As the sun rose the fog started clearing out
Coracles made the frame complete and added a great story
An amazing drama of color and light came to an end.
And this is the lake in a daylight !

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