85 mm f1.8 lens which captured some lovely moments

Canon EF 85mm f1.8 USM

A funny moment at the temple

I bought this lens after dreaming about it  for almost a year . Amazing lens with a great sharpness production capability in low light condition. Also in a very harsh light it gives such a nice cream exposures which is plus point.

So I wanted to practice this lens  and the immediate trip was the Theyyam trip to Thalassery , Kerala. I was just amazed by its capabilities and I almost forgot my 50mm lens !

Human expressions are always a fascination especially when they think they are not watched by any others. Every human feels so comfortable when he believes he is not watched by others and the true expressions, rather very natural expressions showing their characters come out!

I tried to capture some expressions in this hide and seek way in a respectful manner . I am very sorry to all these wonderful looking people for not asking the permission to capture their faces. If anyone in this photo feels it is against their character or in some way if they feel offended by this stealing shots please let me know I am ready to remove those photos.

So here are the photos ! Check it out

But  I was there to see “Theyyam “  more to come on this!


7 thoughts on “85 mm f1.8 lens which captured some lovely moments

  1. I always loved expressions and felt like capturing them too.. But I am scared/hesitant to take photos in crowd 🙂 :).
    Lovely capture DineshaNna..

  2. nice shots. yeah, the 85mm prime is a nice one. i find it a bit too tight on a crop sensor DSLR, but on a full frame it gives a very interesting field of view.

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