Presentation at Open show

I decided to showcase my Suggi photographs at openshow and submitted. When selected as one of five presenters I was really surprised and felt very happy.

I never addressed such a huge and mature crowd apart from my office seminars which are actually different. Vivek as usual kept encouraging me thanks to him. Within minutes of presentation I felt really comfortable and it turned out to be an awesome experience of my life. The photos of mine on a big screen really looked amazing and many many appreciated the work and shown interest in this dying culture.


I visited again in my native place to finishoff some of my legal works, also to cover some of pictures of the event but there were very less teams this time which was disappointing. Not becasue I didn’t click much pictures but because it is really dying. I was promised next year lot of teams will participate which made be little happy. So now I am with some plans which eventually I will reveal before that these are the couple of pictures of the show.


thanks everyone who helped me again.

Openshow is an international  show and these events will be happening always. So I urge you to find out this link  and check out your nearest city to submit your story.

Detailed description which is an ongoing project can be read here


4 thoughts on “Presentation at Open show

  1. I am glad the experience was good one, Dinesh. Overcoming that fear can be so liberating. Too bad there weren’t as many teams participating this year. Lets hope for more next year . Have you ever had a opportunity to share your pictures with the teams?

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