wordpress trick:How to make your photos popup in a box ?

I struggled a bit to find out how to make the photo popup in a box with some  description. I saw many posts in the internet which are showing adding a “thickbox” code to the HTML blah blah blah.. And I wanted to find out the simple way for someone like myself who are not much IT thinkingheads and want everything as a user interface box! SO here is a mechanical engineer’s trick.

1) Add “social vibe” widget  under widgets of wordpress dash board. This is a must . Answer for  ” why” question I will leave it to some IT pro!

2) Insert an image from the gallery first.

3) after inserted click on edit image

you get an edit box

4) Under advanced TAB add a word thickbox as shown in the below image.

5) Add the description you want in the popped up photo box  as show in the above image and hit update.Publish or preview !  That is it !!!! click the image you have done this to see the effect!

Click the following photo of mine  if you just want to see the effect first!

Kanva reservoir, Ramnagar ,KA , click for the larger version

Tell me what you think!

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