journey through an old type wrtier

I found an old typewriter in my home which attracted me with its texture and old beauty. I captured many shots but the kind of  processing to  bring out the real character  in the typewriter was always challenging . Finally after many tries I found one particular processing which I was quite happy about.

Old things are very beautiful when presented in a correct manner. I always love to present the old objects with a moody approach and  enjoy a lot.

So here is what I did , I applied a few settings in light room 4 beta ( which you can download here free of cost to use till March 31st here ) and then exported as DNG file. Opened in Photoshop and made three copies of the layers.  I changed both the  additional layers to overlay mode and applied the layer a highpass ( filter>others>highpass)  of 2.5 pixel to add a little bit of sharpness.

You can download the Lightroom preset from the box download available on rightmost bottom of my page. Check out other photos with a similar approach of the same subject!

All photos are taken with  Canon EOS 1000d and Sigma 17-70mm lens mounted on a tripod.


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