How amazing our nature is!

How amazing our nature is !!!

What really happened?

We ( of course with Sudheer)  went to Kumta beach for a time pass shoot on a lovely evening during my last visit. It was really fun as the sky turned in to some amazing colors. But the sea was very silent and peaceful. No big waves which was disappointing.  Kumta beach is awesome for long exposure as there are many stones and they give you good opportunity for wideangle shots.

Ok now the interesting part!

One place the rocks looked very beautiful  and I felt like a this might give me some real wide-angle effect on my not-so-wide Sigma 17-70mm on Canon EOS 60d. So I shot many frames with the same aperture, same White balance and same ISO settings in the same place till I got a beautiful big wave hit  the rocks with a big bang. So I satisfied with that composition and continued to make some other compositions.

At home when I compared those same photos I just mentioned above , I was just flattered  to see how quickly nature changes! The sky changes, the color changes. The nature also fools camera metering system which is built with so much of intelligence. Had I not shot with a constant white balance then it would have been very difficult to understand the difference!! So here is the analysis. BE sure to check the time of these shots.

 The big analysis

I shot these frames with contant white balance , tripod mounted , some GND filters, shutter release, Sigma 17-70mm lens ,Canon 60d ( Yaay, first beach long exposures) .

click on the pic to see it LARGER

second shot !12 sec and the improvement in shutter speed and color
 first shot, was not at all bad . 
in third the waves were not that big but sky is really changed!
same place , same processing but a very small wave in the fourth attempt
Still no big wave so I continued, but the sky was turning out to be full of drama! If you compare the first one and this you can see the sky totally changed!
Finally a wave made its way to hit the rocks hard after 15 sec from the previous shot . But if you look at the sky and start comparing with the old ones that was totally different!


No I am not the right person to conclude but in seconds and minutes you can observe how different the nature gets!


6 thoughts on “How amazing our nature is!

  1. The photography and the observations are great. Kumta is one of the best places for observing this.
    Your experiments with long exposure – success.

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