Starting the year with a bangggg!!!

Imagine  walking on one of the beautiful streets of the city with a person  you always followed   on the eve of new year ! Sounds like dream eh ? Nope , dreams come true!

When Partha called me on  last Saturday of 2011 I was partly in a shock while I was talking with him. I don’t know what I answered  but all I remember is we are going to meet in the evening!! So we met near Garuda mall of Bangalore , holding our camera out clicking sometime. While Partha went on clicking I went on observing him. It took a little time to come back to my normal state  which is look out for some photographing opportunities.  I should thank him for his simplicity .Then we started sharing all out photographic journeys  which went on till night. The tips and techniques Partha shared were  so useful and admirable.   Occasionally I did not forget to observe him also while he was taking  pictures.

The  whole M G Road was  just sea of people! The lights on Brigade road added a festive mood and I could see people are anticipating that  magical 12 ‘o’ clock moment to welcome the new year 2012! I saw every one there . Last year I was one of the people who read  about new year’s celebrations happening in M G Road  in the paper sitting on my couch at home  and said ” why people celebrate like this ?!!”. I had my answer there !

Believe me I saw everyone there ! Boys, girls, kids, grand parents, parents, college students, common man, beggers, tourists, balloon sellar, icecream seller, police, journalists, photographer  many more!

So I tried to capture some moments happened on those nights and they are here .

Please visit to see his some of amazing works.

All shots were captured using Canon 60d and Sigma 17-70 lens

Yes, the monks again!



who! what!


M G Road is a colorful street!
yeah, my number was 6 for cups of coffee!
Biker was really going fast in the crowded road!
lights everywhere! in front of Deccan herald office in M G Road
A happy family getting their photos captured
Yes, happy new year to everybody!
Ohh he is started already! sorry he was just running down road!
yes, even masked people were there!
Partha Palji
Yaayyyy! party time!
Yeah, that's me with Parthapal ( skinny guy)

6 thoughts on “Starting the year with a bangggg!!!

  1. Dear Dinesh,
    Your shots are very spontaneous and evoke the festive mood brilliantly. I always search for good people in this world and you are no an exception. I thoroughly enjoyed your warm accompany………u r talented..keep clicking………
    Partha Pal

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