Confessions of a sea-addict mind!

All generations!
Whenever I see people’s figures on the shore I think to myself what a lucky people they are ! They must be chatting, laughing and sharing things. Then I suddenly feel like I need someone who can share things with me on a sea-shore. I need someone who smile, cry and laugh with me. I need some one who can share my silence on the sea-shore. Then I think it is the power of sea! Sea makes people bond !

Sky around sea is big nature’s canvas! Nature paints the sky with clouds. I see these clouds and start imagining the shapes. The cloud shapes keep changing! I sometime think clouds are the mirror of sea waves. Sometime they come so close and some time they are just gone! I feel like they are uttering some thing, they are whispering in my ears ! But I can’t hear them!                                                       Sometime I hate clouds on sea, they block some lovely sunsets, they spoil the day. They some time even spoil the trip but then I think that’s why the visit to the sea is so thrilling! I should thank clouds! What is the fun if everything is easy in life!
Kids are most hit by sea! They enjoy everything on the sea. Crashing legs with waves, sketching name on the sand- splashing the salty water on the face -running in the knee deep water , aaah so many thing they can do, God give me my child hood back!
The fisherman is always a busy guy, roaming around the shore hunting fishes and looking for opportunity always. I always thought what an unlucky guy , he never can enjoy what we are enjoying on the sea-shore! BUT now I realized I need him!!! I need him to remind me about the real world. I need him to remind me about the tonight’s dinner and tomorrows lunch! I need him to tell me that I have a family to feed. Otherwise I would lose my self on the sea-shore!
Rocks on the shores are always interesting, the texture is unique, the colors are unique. Wonder why they are so tough and rough and some are dangerously smooth ! I see the same stones sitting there relaxing, waiting for the waves to hit them which were there 20 years before! ! I think they enjoy it!
For me sea is a dream, even now in my mid age. I see all the stars and moons of my life inside the sea. Whenever they sparkle , I smile, I regain energy . My thoughts boil and brains decide. I build ,join, break memories, dreams and then just zero… I relax. I become myself on sea-shore.

I want to run on shore. I just want to run, run like a pure kid ,run with a pure kid-mind, I don’t care I fall , I don’t care somebody is watching me! I don’t care if they are laughing at me! I just want to run, I just want to free my complex heavy mind

Late evenings are incredibly beautiful! It is like you are finishing some thing ,  where you will return to your home victorious mood ! and with a tremendous satisfaction promising to start the next day early ! Those flickering lights of fishermen boats at distant are proof that a wonderful evening ended and time to go back home while they just started their work!


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