Coracles of river Cauvery

Historians believe that coracles are built from ice age right through the bronze age and even now they are widely used all over the world.

There are many shapes and style of construction of coracles and you can find those details here on wiki link

River Kaveri is the greatest source of water for the two states Karnataka and Tamilnaadu of India.  Coracles are the largest and economical means of transportation across the river so coracles have become liveihood of thousands of families living in the river areas in both the states.   Whenever I feel like burning some calories or feel like rusted , I will gather some friends and  straight away I go to this river, roam around , trek around and then relax in the river. Lying between the rocks of the river against the mild flowing river  water is the one of most enjoyable thing in my life.  And crossing the river on the coracles is absolute fun here. So these are the photos I captured while dealing with coracles. These are very hardworking people and they shell out there sweat and blood to earn some basic money.

Photography talk:  For those who are yelling at clouds of Bangalore this is the best place to find some amazing clouds in a blue sky with amazing contrast. All these photos are captured using Canon EOS 1000d with the 18-55 non IS kit lens. Most of the settings are F8 and ISO 200 -400.

processing: Little play with curves and made blues darker to get very high contrast in the image.















6 thoughts on “Coracles of river Cauvery

    Fantastic blog- loved it ;treasuree house of the Basket Boat called “PARISUL”-is used in lakes, ponds, waterways & Rivers
    The Parisul as it is called in Tamil /nadu is a part of local River culture-
    see Movie “Mudhal Mariyade” -village story means First Respectl also on such matters and simple life and ways
    CaptTR (Retd) Chennai –
    On FB

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