a new member to my family

I never thought I will buy this Sigma lens ( Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC OS HSM MACRO) when I was looking for something which makes me  need not keep on changing the lens on the field . I took 3 months to decide which lens to go for! I bugged  so many of my friends, senior photographers ,  bit my all the nails off during hrs of research over the internet! And then I bought! thanks to Sowmya Sow who gave me some valuable suggestion to me and her photos taken by this lens are good enough to take the decision !

Now , believe  me , I am afraid my old lenses  will catch fungus because of non-usage! I changed my lens only 10-15 times in last 1 month.

captured from 55-250 canon IS lens


I put my all thousands of images under  scanner and found out my 80% shots were within 18-100mm range.

30% of the images are from my lovely 50mm prime . So I decided 17-70mm would be just perfect for my application and there is an advantage too. The more zoom I have the more lazy I become. Instead of going near I would zoom more and shoot which I don’t like it when I start looking at those pictures on the PC display.  So I decided to limit myself with this 17-70 mm range and I am very happy for it.


Now I am ready for low light environmental portrait with this f2.8 at 17mm capability and I got some success as well recently. F4 at 70mm gives me such a nice bokeh  and allows me to create some fantastic portraits.  Overall I am very happy for this my new capability.

OS ( Optical Stabilization)

This is one of the capability I never had in my kit lens. Now I can get very sharp pictures at 1/30 sec, 1/15 sec etc!


A smooth motor which I learnt why it is famous  after using only!


Not a macro guy thought I enjoy them watching. But now I can take some Macro shots ! A new field to explore. Hope I will not end up buying a macro lens ( it is that tempting now)!

Some are the other features I liked about this lens.

Non rotating front element

Now I can make better use of hood and any filters if I attach!

Zoom lock

Very useful feature and helps me run and jump without crushing the lens!

A smooth manual focus

Never though manual focus is that easy until I git hands on this lens. Now I can be really quick and dangerous!


Another great difference I am observing is difference in colors I am getting through this  lens.  They are much richer and bold.

Weight ( 535 g)

Though I got some pain in my arm during my first assignment with this lens recently but the weight made me to hold the lens steadily also. So I definitely like this feature!

Overall I am extremely happy and enjoying this lens and I will soon start posting the photos I have taken from this lens!


Tell me what you think!

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