My work in “Glimpsezine Magazine”

One of my shot published in an innovative magazine called “Glimpsezine”  which is a online magazine and it says

“Glimpse magazine is a candid snapshot of all things under the sun. It strives to discover the beauty of the most ordinary things in life and also, to help us expand our horizons to something new and unexpected. Crisp yet insightful, it is a visual story that is awaiting to be told.”

you can view this online  here

Editor Rashi did a wonderful job  which is surely a result of  great hard work. Please check her website as well here

A farmer's life in Kanakpur

I feel very fortunate to see my photo along with so many other wonderful artists so a big   thanks to  Rashi.

The other contributors are  Alessandro ScarabelliOmkar SaneTushar SharmaWalter Callens


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