Kambala :Photographically speaking!

Kambala  is a great event for photographers and millions of compositions are possible to capture the spirit of the events.  One can shoot good photos with any lens and camera as this is a unique event. But my tips are as follows.

  1. Do a small research before you visit any Kamabala regarding the sun’s direction at the time. ( Use TPE).
  2. Be there right in the morning. Do not worry about bathing for more than 5 minutes as it is a hot summer. Once you are out in the field for 5 minutes you start stinking anyway! So never miss golden hours.
  3. Keep your bags lightweight as you will be doing lot of walking if you are capturing complete details of the event. There are fresh watermelon shops, hotels ,local specials, fancy items shops etc.
  4. Introduce yourself to the organizers, talk to them before you start. They are excellent people with great hospitality and they don’t forget to announce “word of thanks” to you  during the race.
  5. Do not just steal photos if you want to shoot people , kids. Please ask permission as they  also get annoyed like us  when somebody points camera.
  6. Explore the culture behind the events and learn everything about the event. Make use of both days.
  7. Never  use flash as the poor animals cannot understand what that is and often get scared or distracted. Still if you use the flash be ready to walkaway as per the directions from angry owners!
  8. Say hello to your fellow photographers and make way to them to photograph as well.
  9. If you are male photographer make sure you are not entering ladies stands. If you still stand I will be definitely shooting along with the “ladies only” tag  and publish it on my blog for sure ;).@Female photographers,  you can stand anywhere!
  10. Do not pollute area by throwing stuff  as the place is nicely maintained with dustbins.
  11. Please eat local specialities and buy something as a memory.
  12. One can make use of any available lenses right from wide angle to long lens. So please take all of your stuff.
  13. Be prepared in the right spot keeping in mind that you have not entered in no stand zone.
  14. Best settings worked for me are Tv mode , 1/1000sec ( during day time , shooting the race) during night a 1/40 sec with panning is best if you do not have those juicy expensive lenses.
  15. Be careful about your pockets ( I will not give this suggestion in future)
  16. Final  suggestion, do not come in the way of 200 kilo running buffaloes they can simply snap your neck off. If your neck still there do not panic , contact organizers immediately they sure make an arrangement for an ambulance.

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