An evening in Mangodlu beach

A nice swim in the beach, a good drink of tender coconut and then what? Open your shop of camera and shoot some lovely images to end the great short trip! These are some pictures I shot during sunset.

1/500sec, f7.1, ISO400
2.5 sec, f22, iso100
8 sec,f22,ISO100
20 sec,f22,ISO100
15 sec,f22,ISO100
last shot in the series, 15 sec, f8, ISO800, and the distant lights are fisherman boats!
thats my little tripod which helped me to shoot all these,1/25sec, f3.5, ISO800
1/20sec, f3.5, ISO800
OK, thats me on the left and Sudheer on right, 1/20sec, f3.5, ISO800

This one is for all of you friends . A desktop wall paper will open if you click on it.

click to open a desktop wallpaper

This location is called Mangodlu beach and it is very less crowded with lots of photographic opportunities. It is 6 KMs from Kumta, KA, India. If you need more information on this beach email me at

PS: April will be the busiest month in my blog as I am working on more than 5 stories starting with Kambala( The buffalo race). And then I am introducing you to some amazing people and their talents. I just cant wait!!!


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