so much to end the year

What a year 2010 for me! I hardly could hold the camera in the beginning of the year and now I have so many projects to complete and getting super busier !!

I had a shoot in client Shimogga and some family commitment in Kumta . it  goes like this!

A posh bus to Shimogga , and then Rajahamsa to Sagar, sat infront of burning tire , bone breaking travel to Sigandur, crossed the backwaters on a big barge,a jawfreezing bath with supercold water in Sigandur ,  devine visit to Sigandur temple , witness the greatest architecture at  Ikkeri temple,meal at Sagara , back to Shimogga, mindblowing music function at Kuvempu ranga mandir, got the opportunity shake hands with  current greatest music masters , travelled to Kumta on Kadamba ( Goa state bus!), nice early morning sleep at Sudheer’s , picked up wife, fantastic hot water bath, caught up with family and friends, super photogrphy at Kumta beach, sugarcane juice, hot fresh Jaggery, miserable phtography try at Badal ghats in the cold mmorning, photoshoot of oldstyle Jaggery making, no return tickets to Bangalore, office work from phone,couple of interviews,  photo shoot at Gokarn, nice belly blasting meal in Gore, fantastic swim in Mangodlu beach , running nose, fever…….. goes on!

Believe me all I did this in 4 days!

Anyway thats about me. Now this is for my  friends and whoever looking for photography with minimal gear,

I am going to write Lightroom tutorial one per month, ( more  if necessary ) and I will give away one full resolution calender of my photo starting from January, 2011!!  So keep coming back here !

belated merry X-mas to all and a very happy new year



Me ,Sudheer and my tripod

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