72 year young lady from Kumta

What you think you will be doing at the age of 70 years?  I am not sure how soon  I will end-up  in bed (( please god don’t do that with me) because of  the amount of pollution I take, no time for workout, stress, strain  too many things.

Meet Mrs. Anasuya from Kumta (  Karnataka, India) , 72 year old young lady and a professional cook. And she is one of those many lady cook who earn their money by going for cooking in some marriage functions, parties etc.

Anasuya started her cooking career as she   got married in her new home and then she started helping big cooks in the marriages and functions for next years.

Today on an average she goes out for 300 days in a year as a main cook. You demand what recipes( of course local recipes )you want she prepares them in way you never forget in your life.

Anasuya in a kitchen of a temple

Here is the math.

300 days on an average she prepares lunch for minimum 50 people.  It is 15000 lunch in a year (there might be repeats as she lives in a small town and rarely she goes too far. But man , at 72 years of age she can prepare 15,000 tasteful lunches which is something unbelievable for me.


She is wife to a postmaster who is retired now  and mother of four. Her two sons are looking after catering  company. One son is a teacher and she doesn’t know about her last son. He ran away for unknown reason and has never come back. Like a typical rural Indian family now she is being enjoyed by  her sons and grandchildren. Now there is no poverty at home   which made here to start cooking for others. But still she cooks. It is the true passion for cooking. Town people love her. They love her food. All call her by name Anasuyakka ( akka in the local language stands for elder sister) .

I ask her “ why are you still cooking? You should be having fun with your grandkids by now” she laughs, no words. I cansee the peaceful smile after the laugh; the smile tells me you don’t know something!!

the old young lady

I sometime think when I become passionate about something? Or just die as most of the people doing the same thing throughout the life?!

What you say?





















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