red people

The color of these working people from my native place Kumta was always in my memories. I have seen and grown along with these brilliant red  but after I started understanding colors   I was dying to visit these people (I live in place far from here). Finally I  got a chance  in September 2010  but it  took a while to update my blog.

Laterite bricks are important construction means of coastal areas of Karnataka.Number of monuments , houses , buildings and temples are built over the ages and they are just strong and colorful. The biggest and famous out of this monument is Angkor Wat in Cambodia .  Many people  from Kumta earn their daily wages through cutting this brick stones. Here are some pictures I took of them and one day I will write a detail process how they cut.

How red we are
shades of red
sometime we do get surprise and it is blue
everything red
Bicycle of red people standing against a wall built from these red laterite bricks

16 thoughts on “red people

  1. I reckon you’ve made a really interesting start with this blog, Dinesh. My favourite was the shot of your nephew’s hand – and the overhead shot of the kids studying during the power blackout.

    There is a story behind EVERY image – how a blogger tells it depends on many factors of interest. Keep going – and enjoy it!

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