Bananas: Very fresh

Visited this local banana wholesale shop last month. The shop owner Krishan was not so comfortable when I said I am going to ask questions and take some photos but after 5 minutes of talk I was right on!

He is from a small town from Tamilnadu and he started living in Bengaluru 20 years back. Now he is a  owner of a  shop in K R market. He says he had no money to buy one single banana and now he is wholesale dealer for Bananas in town. He is proud of what he is doing and like everybody else he too loves his job.

Krishnan showing me the bananas

Now the technical stuff:

He gets different types of Banana from different places like Thrissur, Kollegal, Madurai etc and stores wit hsome specific process inside of his godown. Thye will be in batches and the ripen bananas get the opportunity to get sold first!

His primary customers are different shop owners from all over the Bangalore. And then the next customers are Marriage function guys.

I had lot of fun with them and this is my first step towards a real photography rather than a zoo photography as explains my favorite  photographer David Duchemin ( read his blog here). Of course I ate  more than half dozen bananas as part of tasting different bananas and all  free of cost. He did not take a single rupee from me!!

the Banana house, they will be usually full but he told me that just he sold a big load of them
The office

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