(repost, 19, october, 2009)

8 years of joy turned in to memories when we visited Mylasandra hill today. As usual we and all kids went to have some funlearning to the Mylasandra  hill to find some forest department officials. They started yelling, screaming  at us. Then they saw a camera hanging around my neck and started about permission letter. Then they started threatening ous saying they will arrest us as if we are committed some big crime! I knew this is all for money.

 I paid the money they wanted. I did not even try to resist or ask. I could see all those fearful eyes in our gang. I just thought we should get out of there. Chandra resisted as usual and I just made him quite.

I could have just called our area councillor but I wanted to show our kids how dirty our government officials are ! I always taught them about the legal ways and never supported the illegal things happening around us. If I called for help and come back without paying money it would have been victory for us in a illegal way again. Kids mind will praise the councillor and the whole concentration would have been shifted towards him and not the bribery.

After getting that handsome money they let us go. walking back I could hear the silence in kids. I could feel they are disgusted by the official’s act.

But all the joys we had from past 8-9 years turned in to memories. We decided to not to go again there.

Last few memories of learning photography:

 This also forced me try some other locations for photography. whatever happens , happens for good right?


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