Nature’s artists:Weaver Birds

( october 15,2009,Photo-article published in Kannada news paper Namma Dani, Jan 2010)

Wiki Says:

The males take about 18 days to construct the complete nest with the intermediate “helmet stage” taking about 8 days The nests are partially built before the males begin to display to passing females by flapping their wings and calling while hanging from their nests. The call of the Baya males which is normally a sparrow-like chit-chit is followed by a long-drawn chee-ee in the breeding season. The females inspect the nest and signal their acceptance of a male. Once a male and a female are paired, the male goes on to complete the nest by adding the entrance tunnel. Males are almost solely in charge of nest building, though their female partners may join in giving the finishing touches, particularly on the interiors. Females may modify the interiors or add blobs of mud.Studies have shown that nest location is more important than nest structure for the female when it selects the nest and mate.

Weaver bird nests in Ramohalli, Bangalore

Isn’t that  wonderful?!


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